The Xbox One backwards compatibility list keeps piling up, and today’s entries should make fans of 2D platformers leap for joy.

First up is the one-and-only SEGA Genesis classic Gunstar Heroes. Treasure’s masterpiece is just as much fun to play nowadays as it was 25 years ago, and SEGA has done a fabulous job making sure it is available for generations to come. For all the flak the company gets, SEGA should be the model all other publishers look to for preservation of classic hits.

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It might be considered blasphemy on the retro game scene, but this other game is just as good as Gunstar Heroes in almost every respect. Outland takes all of what gamers love about 2D puzzle/action platformers and adds a wonderful dose of Ikaruga’s dual sided character system. Dark bullets, white bullets, flip your character’s nature to both solve puzzles and beat down high powered bosses.

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What makes this under-appreciated cult classic even more surprising is that it comes to us from Ubisoft, back before they were doing the whole Child of Light thing.

If you have both on your Xbox 360, be sure to fire them up today on the Xbox One. If not, don’t overlook them anymore. These two games are in a class of their own.