Google has OnHub and now Amazon has Luma. The retail giant recently helped lead a $12.5 million investment in Luma, a startup offering a smart Wi-Fi router with a polished design.

Amazon doesn’t own Luma, but the investment gives it a path into the growing market for smarter home internet systems. Beyond OnHub, there’s also Eero, which promises to improve your Wi-Fi signal with a trio of hubs that create a network inside your house. More established companies like Asus, D-Link and Netgear also feature plenty of smart controls to enhance their more traditional Wi-Fi routers.

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Luma offers a similar setup to Eero, with multiple routers placed around the building to create a mesh network. The company offers a slick app for Android and iOS, which lets you control the system and monitor the devices using your Wi-Fi on a granular level. It also boasts a sleek physical design that you won’t want to hide under your desk.

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Luma’s already expressed interest in integrating with Alexa, Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant. It’s unclear if Luma will get any priority on Amazon’s website, but the company’s never been shy when it comes to pushing its own products online.