Every once in a while, PlayStation Now tosses in a few classics titles that are worth checking out for its subscription price. This week, we get a very delicious helping of some of the greatest action games ever made and a chance to go demon hunting with the original red-trenched coated badass, Dante.

No, not that reboot dork, either. White hair, “don’t give a crap” attitude, kindergarten trash-talking, pure, unadulterated Dante. Devil Mary Cry HD Collection and Devil May Cry 4 are available now through PlayStation Now. Whether it is younger, flamboyant Dante from Devil May Cry 3 or older, slightly more reserved Dante from the original or Devil May Cry 4, we’re glad that the hero is now available for all to enjoy.

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Yes, even stoic, quiet Dante, as seen in Devil Mary Cry 2. Ugh… you don’t have to play that one if you don’t want.

Joining Devil May Cry are a few other Capcom games including the wonderful Mega Man 9, the absurdly goofy Asura’s Wrath, the “quickly becoming outdated” Street Fighter IV Ultra, and Dead Rising 2, which is still the best in its series if I’m not mistaken.

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All great games, all available for the price of PlayStation Now. That’s available for one month for $19.99 and 3 months for $44.99.