Square Enix has confirmed that it will be bringing back the classic Eidos series Fear Effect. The game was a prime target from the early days of the Square Enix Collective, in which indie developers proposed how to relaunch the company’s older franchises and then proceed to crowdfund greenlit projects.

French indie development team Sushee had the best pitch, drawing out a game heavily inspired by Shadowrun Returns, and Square Enix has given the team its blessing to run a Kickstarter campaign to get the newly christened Fear Effect Sedna developed.

Kickstarter pledges will be accepted from next Tuesday, April 12.

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Fear Effect and its sequel were a pair of cel-shaded espionage games back during the original PlayStation’s run. Their cult status has survived over the years thanks to their unique look and the relationship between the two leading females. However, Sushee founder Benjamin Anseaume says that his new game will be much different in approach, given that this is an indie title and the first two games were made on a AAA budget.

So players have to expect major changes both in terms of the gameplay and the visuals. We are a small team of 10 people. We are not Kronos. We are an indie team. We want to make something that respects the series, but it’s not going to be Fear Effect 3. It’s going to be a new Fear Effect with new gameplay.

Those looking for the same type of stealth action won’t find it here. Instead, the game will be played from an overhead point-and-click perspective. Sushee also says it will tone down the core sexual relationship as well.

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If the  €100,000 ($113,840) Kickstarter campaign is successful, the studio hopes to have Fear Effect Sedna published by mid-2017. Console versions will be a stretch goal