In case you didn’t catch yesterday’s newsXenoblade Chronicles is now available on the Wii U by way of the Virtual Console.

Nintendo decided it was time to promote the game, and they did up a fancy trailer. You can see that at the head of this post.

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Xenoblade Chronicles originally wasn’t even going to release in the States. Nintendo of America thought the JRPG was too niche to sell, and they figured they’d leave it unlocalized, despite the work already standing as finished thanks to a European release.

Enter Operation Rainfall. That group pushed Nintendo to localize Xenoblade Chronicles, along with other titles, for sale in the US. The game was sold exclusively at GameStop, immediately forced out of stock and then stood as an expensive buy on third-party marketplaces.

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Now, it’s available for $19.99 on the Wii U’s eShop. Dig in, this game is awesome. It’s also exceptionally long.