Samsung already works with developers to create exclusive apps for its various devices. Now, the company is expanding the “Made for Samsung” program in a push to attract game developers as well.

Mihai Pohontu, Samsung’s VP of emerging platforms, announced the news this week at GamesBeat Summit 2016. “We want to work with indie devs to launch their products exclusively on Samsung platforms,” Pohontu told VentureBeat. That includes its Android-powered Galaxy devices along with the Gear VR.

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The program doesn’t offer developers straight cash in exchange for exclusives. Instead, Samsung promises free marketing and promotion in its curated app store. It also shares its technology, including product testing and analytics. Pohontu noted that the exclusives can be “time bound,” meaning they could eventually make their way to competing platforms. Samsung says it will continue to promote those games, giving indie developers an extra push.

He also argued that the Gear VR, which uses Oculus technology, should help attract more developers to Samsung’s platform. “If you launch your VR app with us, you can also launch your mobile game and we will promote it.”

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We’d love to see more games launch for Gear VR, especially interesting indie games that can take virtual reality in unexpected directions. By expanding “Made for Samsung,” the company may be able to push VR gaming to exciting new places.