Earlier on Thursday, The Guardian claimed that the Mayor of Cupertino, Barry Chang, was fed up with Apple. It’s false.

The report suggested that Chang “barely made it into the lobby” of Apple’s HQ when he approached the company to discuss congested traffic conditions around the city. The Guardian also suggested that Chang believes Apple “isn’t willing to pay a dime” to improve Cupertino and “share in the responsibility for [the] city.”

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In fact, the Cupertino mayor’s office issued a statement dismissing The Guardian’s report entirely.

“I was shocked and dismayed to see a recent article quoting me with words I never used and describing situations that never happened,” Cupertino Mayor Barry Chang said. Chang said that not only was the story about his attempt to approach Apple in regards to traffic conditions inaccurate, but so were other parts of the story that had “absolutely no bearing on anything that I may have said or anything that has happened in this community.”

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Chang said his concerns and those of his office and the Cupertino city council are “well documented” and that the reporter “clearly misunderstood” his statements.