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Entertainment 1 March 2016

Where do newly anointed Academy Award winners go once the TV cameras turn off and the show comes to an end?

For many, the first stop was the engraving station at the Governors Ball, located at the Ray Dolby Ballroom at Hollywood and Highland, where winners come to get their personal nameplates affixed to their new but nameless Oscars statuettes.

“Engraving” is a bit of a misnomer in this case because the bronze nameplates were all created well in advance of Sunday’s ceremony by the New York art foundry Polich Tallix.

The foundry created winning nameplates for all the nominees, said Adam Demchak, vice president and general manager of the Hudson Valley company.

During the telecast, technicians selected the winning nameplates as the victors were announced and mounted the small plates in the back of the engraving station in preparation for the crush of winners later in the evening.

It’s the company’s first time at the Oscars. This year’s statuette features a very subtle redesign, with a refined face and other adjustments that combine the best of the statuettes from the golden age of Hollywood and more recent versions, according to the academy.

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Leonardo DiCaprio was an early arrival at the station, carrying the first Oscar of his career, for “The Revenant.” The actor conversed politely with the technician who used a simple screwdriver to affix the nameplate with two black screws.

“Wow, manually?” asked DiCaprio. “Do they do this every year?” He was informed that yes, this happens each year.

“I wouldn’t know,” the actor joked. He left the party shortly thereafter, followed by an impressive entourage.

Brie Larson, who won best actress for “Room,” came next, sipping champagne and toasting with her beau as she waited for her Oscar to get its nameplate.

Once she had the statuette — they are wiped clean of smudges and fingerprints with a small towel — she stared at it and shook her head. “Oh my God,” she whispered before exiting to a blast of camera flashes.

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Each Oscar winner gets a small instruction pamphlet on the proper care of the statuette, which is cast in bronze and coated with 24k gold.

To clean the gold surface, recipients are advised to dissolve a half teaspoon of liquid dish soap in a cup of warm water and to then “gently wipe the surface using the soap solution and a soft microfiber cloth.”

Earlier, Alicia Vikander sipped bubbly while waiting for her nameplate. A few chairs down, three-time Oscar-winning cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki took a photo of the supporting actress winner for “The Danish Girl” with his smartphone.

The academy said that the new statuettes weigh the same as previous versions. “It lasts forever and doesn’t require maintenance,” the care guide states.

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