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Donald Trump Rally Live Stream From Wausau, Wisconsin: Trump Fighting Rare Battle To Win Crucial State

Entertainment 2 April 2016

Donald Trump Rally Live Stream From Wausau Wisconsin

Donald Trump, coming off the roughest week of his campaign, will rally his supporters in Wisconsin Saturday in an event that will stream live online, as he battles from the unusual position of underdog, chasing down his rival, Texas Senator Ted Cruz who leads in polling ahead of Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary with its 42 delegates.

Scroll down the page to watch the Donald Trump rally, which will actually take place in Rothschild, Wisconsin, just outside of Wausau.

Donald Trump trailed Ted Cruz by 10 percentage points in a Marquette University Law School poll released on Wednesday. But a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling and released on Thursday showed only a one-point lead for Cruz, suggesting that Trump may be making headway with Wisconsin voters, despite his struggles over the past week.

Donald Trump Rally Live Stream From Wausau Wisconsin supporters
The Donald Trump rally in Wausau, Wisconsin, is likely to attract as many protesters as supporters (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

While Trump leads Cruz by a seemingly insurmountable 289 delegates, if the New York real estate mogul fails to win Wisconsin, he increases the ever-growing danger that he could come up short of the 1,237 delegates he needs for a majority, one that would insure him the Republican nomination on the first ballot at the party’s national convention in Cleveland in July.

But Trump will need all the support he can get to pull off the upset of Cruz on April 5, after a disastrous week that may have revealed weaknesses in his campaign for the first time.

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The problems for Trump started last week when he publicly insulted Heidi Cruz, wife of the Texas senator, tweeting an unflattering picture of Heidi Cruz juxtaposed with a glossy, seemingly retouched photo of his own wife, Melania Trump, a former model.

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But that imbroglio was quickly eclipsed by another series of bizarre incidents, starting with an interview on foreign policy given by Trump to The New York Times newspaper, an interview in which he suggested that the United States should refuse to honor defense treaties with foreign allies unless they pay some sort of cash tribute.

Trump repeated the views in an interview with CNN, even going as far as to say that Japan and South Korea should be allowed to develop their own nuclear arsenals — a position that would overturn seven decades of United States nuclear non-proliferation policy and, experts say, cause Eastern Asia to become dangerously unstable.

Donald Trump argues for countries incl. Japan & S.Korea getting nuclear weapons

— Anderson Cooper 360° (@AC360)

Trump’s foreign policy remarks, in turn, were overshadowed by his statement in an interview with Chris Matthews of MSNBC in which Trump not only said that abortion should be illegal, but that there should be “some form of punishment” for women who obtain abortions.

Watch that entire MSNBC interview in the video below.

And watch the Donald Trump rally stream live from the Central Wisconsin Convention and Expo Center starting at 3 p.m. Central Time — 4 p.m. Eastern, 1 p.m. Pacific — on Saturday, April 2, in the video below.

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Thanks largely to his statement on the punishment of women, following a long history of comments that have been derogatory toward women, Trump now faces a serious problem appealing to women voters, and that could prove fatal in Wisconsin and in a general election, if Trump makes it through to become the Republican nominee.

Recent polls have measured “unfavorable opinions” of Donald Trump among women at historically high levels — as high as 74 percent in a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll.

“Those are stunningly unfavorable numbers. It would be tremendously difficult for Donald Trump to win the general with those kinds of numbers,” Tim Malloy of Quinnipiac University polling, which recorded Trump’s negative rating with women at 70 percent, told the Politico news site.

“Historically, I can’t imagine anyone having worse numbers with women. But historically, there’s never been anyone like Donald Trump,” the pollster said.

Trump has countered these alarming poll results with a shrug, declaring himself “the best thing that ever happened to women.”

Police in Rothschild, Wisconsin, say that while only 1,200 tickets have been made available for the Donald Trump rally there on Saturday, they expect large crowds of protesters of the kind that have turned up at Trump rallies not only in Wisconsin but wherever Trump has held events across the country during the 2016 presidential campaign.

[Featured Photo by Scott Olson / Getty Images]

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Donald Trump Rally Live Stream From Wausau, Wisconsin: Trump Fighting Rare Battle To Win Crucial State

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