One of 2015’s best retro releases is now available on a brand new platform! Capcom has finally published the Nintendo 3DS version of Mega Man Legacy Collection, an extensive package which contains all six of the NES classics for $29.99.

I was a huge fan of the release last year when it hit the PlayStation 4, but I am more than aware that Nintendo fans are going to be more skeptical. For one, all six Mega Man games are already available on the Nintendo eShop for $5 each, coming out to the same total price. Chances are that most fans already picked those up at some point and have no need for this package.

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However, the emulation in this bundle is also a lot better than Nintendo’s official emulator. Digital Eclipse’s work on Mega Man Legacy Collection is more than apparent in terms of putting out a quality picture, and it even allows for buttons to be re-mapped, something Nintendo never accounted for. The addition of museums and the Japanese manual are a nice touch too for those who want these extra trinkets.

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Whether you choose the 1080p high-quality release on the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One, or PC, or you would rather go the portable route with the Nintendo 3DS, you’re going to be getting a good deal for this package. Five of the best NES classics you’ll ever find in one easy bundle…

…and Mega Man 5.