The Future of Cinematic Digital Cinematography – Portsmouth Festivities CCI Lectures

This Portsmouth Festivities lecture from the Faculty of Creative and Cultural Industries features Daniel Mulligan of the School of Creative Technologies, where he will discuss new sensor technology and his research in this area alongside the latest techniques in Hollywood Film Productions and his experiences on films such as Captain Philips, Man from UNCLE, and much more.
“The area of Digital Cinematography for Feature Production is a new and constantly evolving environment. Our new Cine Imaging Lab based at the University of Portsmouth is developing new and interesting ways in which to capture and process Cinematic Images for the future of Production. Having worked on films such as Captain Philips and Jupiter Ascending, 1D3D and Tarzan, we can demonstrate and discuss the following subject areas”
Feature Film Location practices for the capture and distribution of high end content
Digital Cinema Lab system
New sensor technologies
New processing technologies
Cinematic Digital Cinematography and Colour Grading/Science.
New sensor technology and our research in this area.
Latest techniques in Hollywood Film Productions and my experiences on working with these films
£6.00/£4.50 Concessions, book your tickets here
Room EW 1.10

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