Everything you need to know about a screening review

A screening job review also known as a first-cut job interview is an interview aimed at weeding out all applicants and leaving the ones that are best qualified for the job. Below we uncover what you should expect from a screening review and how to prep yourself.

Use of technology

More often than not, screening reviews are carried out via technology. Screening of applicants can be done over the phone, Skype, webcam, etc. Recruiters rely on technology because it’s a cost-cutting strategy that ensures that the applicants are not under-skilled or overpriced before the business invests a lot of time talking to them in the second interview. Live screening review s can still happen, and they typically take place at the employer’s office, job fairs or the independent career services.

The screener passes the qualified people to the final selections

The person carrying out the screening review is usually an employee at the human resource department or an independent recruiter. The person in charge of making the final selection is the one with the hiring authority. Most of the time, the hiring task is usually left to the department manager to whom the qualified candidates report.


What you will be asked during the review

Screeners are not concerned with your thinking process or personality; they gather facts on your education, experience, skills and track record to ensure that you have the minimum qualifications for the job so you can be on the approved list and waved on to the next review level. You will be asked questions about your job history, salary requirements, job skills and queries about any inconsistencies in your resume such as job history gaps. Ensure that you keep your answers short and straightforward. Save any other information in regard to your personality and work ethics for the selection interview.

There are many job seekers and not enough jobs. As such, most companies typically get many resumes and a screening interview is one of the ways of getting the best suited candidate for the job. Knowing what to expect from a screening interview will help you prepare and get you to the next selection step.