New Neptune Outdoor Tent by Tent World

Tent World releases Neptune Beach Tent

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January 26, 2017 (FPRC) — Tent World has announced a new release, the Neptune family beach tent. This launch is part of an extensive series of outdoor tents that the brand has announced this year. According to Tent Worlds brand manager, Ms. Ann Spencer, Neptune is a significantly large shelter dome that protects its occupants from scorching sun, rain showers and gusts of wind while theyre at the beach or in any other outdoor environment. Ms. Spencer has said this product will come with an illustrative color guide to enlighten users on how to make the best out of it.
Tent World is a brainchild of Thermalabs, a leading manufacturer of cosmetics and beach-related products based in New York City. Thermalabs is owned by young Israeli-Americans and runs a number of production centers in Israel and other countries around the world. The company has so far furnished the global cosmetics market with at least three dozen releases, most of which are premium tanning lotions. Thermalabs announced Tent World in 2015 as its new sub-brand that would take charge of marketing and distribution of all outdoor tents. Most Thermalabs and by extension Tent Worlds products are marketed by Market Group, a major distribution firm based in New York.

Today, Tent World has launched a comprehensive series of outdoor tents each named after a planet in the solar system. The pilot tent was named Mercury, after the first planet in the solar system. It hit the market in December 2015 and featured a number of pro features that existing tents in the market didnt have. Mercury Tent had a protective coating that shielded occupants from the suns harmful radiation, as well as an extra-comfy bottom that was ideal for kids. Each tent under the Tent World lineup is named after a planet in the solar system. The smallest tent is named Pluto, while the largest is named The Sun. Since the Pluto Tent is comparatively so small, its designed to match the needs of kids. The Sun tent can cater for a small group of beach-going friends or an entire family.
According to Ms. Spencer, Tent Worlds Neptune blends simplicity and convenience. It provides a comfortable hiding place from adverse weather that can be used at the beach, at a camping location, picnic site, and any other outdoor location for that matter. Neptune Tent is relatively easy to use and can be folded down for storage within seconds. It measures a whopping 180 x 180 x 150 cm, making it a relatively large tent that can suit the needs of a small family. It comes with an illustrative colored guide, and a compact carry bag. Ms. Spencer has said that Tent Worlds customers can now get this product from the parents company website (Thermalabs.com), or on Amazon.com.

For more information contact Adams Keller of Tent World
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