Miniature elephant sculptures exquisitely carved on the tip of a pencil

Elephants are majestic enough thanks to their sheer size. But artist Cindy Chinn has found another way to make them look just as awesome.

As part of a commissioned project for the California-based Epiphany Elephant Museum, artist Cindy Chinn has created a piece titled, “Elephant Walk”, in the form of a miniature graphite carving. The carvings have been made on the tip of a carpenter’s pencil and feature trees dotted to foliage detail and a trio of elephants proudly walking in the front. Chinn used a magnifying lamp and trinocular microscope to aid in the fine detailing.

Some of Chinn’s carvings are available for purchase on her Etsy store, and if you’d like to see more of her work, follow her on Facebookblog, and website.


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