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Success in any industry is dependent on moving past this mind-set and taking determined action. Here, sales and marketing firm Harper Robson shares how people can break out of the ‘I don’t feel like it’ mentality

At the start of the New Year, a lot of people set resolutions, and by the end of January, over 40% of individuals will have broken or given up on their goals. This is due to a lack of motivation due to things not working out the way people wish. A lack of motivation leads to an increase in excuses as this allowing for a sense of justification as to why a wrong decision occurred.
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Sales and marketing firm, Harper Robson, explain how this ‘I don’t feel like it’ mentality is due to a lack of urgency in today’s society. In a world full of options and being able to take breaks on demand and take time off when desired, this attitude is a lot easier to adopt than that of acting. These options and possibilities fuel the excuses and resistance to motivation, and this ultimately leads to dreams becoming unachievable. The key thing about this attitude that people don’t often realise is that it is not a feeling that will pass, it is something that will become embedded unless action is taken to change.
Harper Robson has revealed methods that people can use to escape the grips of this attitude and start taking more control of their lives. There are 4 key steps that the firm suggest following;
Often people will get demotivated and sluggish because they are tired or low on energy. The easy solution to this is to start the day with a short workout, even just a 10-minute jog. Doing this releases endorphins in the body and this will not only keep people happy and energised but also motivated and determined.
Commonly, people don’t realise that a universal sign of dehydration, both minor and major cases, is a loss of focus and energy. Besides the obvious health benefits, drinking as much water as possible throughout the day will allow for an increase in energy levels and motivation.
A common problem in today’s world is an overstimulated mind. Most UK adults will struggle to shut off and gather their thoughts. The sales and marketing firm state that a common reason for a loss of motivation is due to someone struggling to collect their thoughts and focus on one thing at a time. It is stated that everyone should allow time in their day, a chance to sit down and process their day and shut off their mind.
Instead of hiding emotions and not dealing with the real feelings will cause a noticeable decrease in motivation. The firm explains that people should be honest with themselves about their feelings and allow time to process these correctly. Deal with emotions before they cause a lack of motivation.
Harper Robson explains that by just allowing for these 4 tips to be incorporated into people’s lives, over a short amount of time, they will notice a dramatic increase in motivation levels and determination, in turn leading to a rise in the right decisions and overall happiness.
Edinburgh-based sales and marketing firm, Harper Robson, firmly believe in staying motivated and making the best of every situation. Thanks to this attitude, the firm can provide their clients with efficient and personalised marketing campaigns to help boost customer acquisition and brand loyalty.
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