Business Battle – business learning meets fantasy mobile gameplay

Education game platform Wrainbo opens up a lifelong learning opportunity with its new mobile game Business Battle! It is suitable for college students as well as for adults. Designed and tested to build business acumen for its players, the game uses a fantasy world magic shop to teach how to apply business fundamentals in the real world. Business Battle is a must-have for those who want education and entertainment in a single app on Google Play store.
Made with mesmerizing graphics and based in the ancient lands of wizards and steampunk robots, Business Battle will appeal to your inner fantasy. As a turn-based strategy game, it is easy to play but hard to master. The Campaign mode features 10 fully developed levels with varied business learning concepts, and the Arena mode allows you to test your skills by competing with other players from around the world.

Business battle is developed by Duke University MBA alums and ex-McKinney manager- thus by people who are experienced in business management. This makes the game a good guide for business learning and entrepreneurial crash. You will be able to develop cross-functional business acumen, from Economics, marketing, to financial management. “For the first time, the dismal science of Economics is as fun as World of Warcraft”, commented Duke University professor Pino Lopomo.
During Business Battle’s first public preview in May 2016 at MomoCon, it captivated the audience amidst hard core video games. “The scope and mission of the game [Business Battle] is refreshing…I am impressed”, reported one of the video game blogger on IGN, the world’s largest gaming website. Subsequently, the game received accolades and recognitions from leading gaming and learning organizations such as Games for Change and Games Learning Society. During closed beta testing, about 90% of the players expressed strong satisfaction with the gameplay and learning!!!
Why wait? Go on and download the India-only limited release in Google Play store today.
Wrainbo’s vision is to make learning engaging, effective, and economical for the global community. To realize the vision, we have built a scalable learning and assessment platform that combines immersive mobile gameplay, practical job skill learning framework, and data-driven assessment.

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