Building Control Supply Chain Survey

In July and August the Australian Building Control Board (ABCB) conducted a survey, with assistance from ACIF, to obtain information from industry as a whole and by sector, about if and where it believes there are real or potential opportunities to enhance the ‘building control’ supply chain.
The General Manager of the ABCB, Neil Savery, spoke to the ACIF Board at its 5 September meeting, to outline the reasons for the survey, and to give a snapshot of the results.  He explained that the building control supply chain used for the survey was virtual, and an attempt to reflect the interdependencies that exist between a number of key building control functions.
In total, close to 700 people responded to the survey, which contained 13 questions that sought both a quantitative rating and comments on the various features of the building control supply chain.
Here are the elements of the building control supply chain.

State and Territory Acts/Regulations                                                      
National Construction Code                                                                                       
State, Territory and Local Government Variations                                            
Product Certification                                                                                                     
Alternative Solutions                                                                                                     
Building Certification                                                                                                     
Contracts (Builders/Sub-trades)                                                                               
Practitioner Compliance                                                                                               
Monitoring/Auditing of the Building Control System                       
Mr Savery explained that understanding that there is no one body that oversights the entirety of this supply chain, the opportunity to identify enhancements may be missed and the possibility of introducing productive changes can become random.
As the components of the supply chain have been increasingly de-regulated and administration fragmented the need to monitor the system is imperative, although this is often isolated to specific areas of jurisdictional responsibility.
This means we don’t necessarily get the full picture as to how the system is performing and miss the potential to attend to less obvious risks.
As a general observation, many of the submissions made positive comments about the effectiveness of features within the building control supply chain.  Others tended to indicate a degree of confusion about certain aspects, particularly roles and responsibilities, and there were some who feel that features of the system need to be rebuilt from the ground up. 
A summary document is attached below for further information on the survey.

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