Tent Worlds brand new Jupiter Tent is now available in the market.

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February 25, 2017 (FPRC) — The new Quick up Jupiter tent by Tent World is now available in the market. Ann Spencer, a brand manager at Tent World, has said this product will be available to its customers around the world. The Jupiter tent is a classic beach shelter that can cater for the needs of an entire family or small group of beach-going friends. In addition to the beach, the Quick up Jupiter tent also comes in handy in any other outdoor environment.
Tent World is an emerging brand that creates sports and outdoors shelters. Ever since it was established back in 2015, it has furnished the market with at least 9 different products. Each of its products is named after a planet in the solar system. For instance, Tent Worlds first-ever tent was called Mercury, after the first planet in the solar system. The largest tent is named The Sun since the sun is also the largest body in the solar system lineup. On the other end, the smallest tent is named Pluto, after the smallest existing planet.
Tent World is based in New York City and is affiliated with global cosmetics manufacturers Thermalabs.
The new tents name, Quick up Jupiter, has been derived from its instant pop-up mechanism, and large size. It features an instant pop-up assembly that makes it possible for users to set it up at the beach or in any other outdoor setting within a matter of seconds (thus the prefix Quick up). Similarly, the tent can be folded down equally easily. Since the tent is quite large, it is named after the planet Jupiter.
Ms. Spencer has said that the Jupiter tent provides ideal shelter for the pacific weather. She has also outlined some of the best scenarios when the tent can come in handy. Ms. Spencer said that the Jupiter tent can be set up in the family garden to serve as a weather shelter while the family is relaxing or playing outdoors. It also can be used at the beach or a camping site. The tent is large enough for at least 8 people and has a canopy top that allows you to enjoy the breeze without getting drenched by unpredictable rain showers.
In an email distributed to press outlets, Ms. Spencer said that the new Jupiter tent also featured a protective lining the shielded occupants from UV rays from the sun. It also comes with a compact carry bag for easy storage and transportation.
Our new tent is now available in the market. The Jupiter is an extra large canopy tent that can shelter up to 8 people, which means it can cater for the needs of a small family or group of people. Jupiter is also easy to set up, and ships with a compact carry bag. Tent World users who have been looking forward to this tent can now get it from our Amazon listing. We are also working on plans to have the tents available in local stores across the United States and many parts of Europe, said Ms. Spencer.

For more information contact Jared Jobs of Tent World
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